State Capitol to Krog Street Walking Tour

  • January 27, 2018
  • 12:00 PM - 3:30 PM
  • Georgia State Capitol. 206 Washington St SW, Atlanta, GA 30334
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Georgia State Capitol to Krog Street Market Walking Tour (WT)

  • If you come on this tour you can expect to have fun, learn a lot and see some really cool stuff. You will also meet some very nice people.
  • If you like to take photos, you will LOVE this tour. You will have one "Kodak Moment" after another.
  • If you appreciate history, you will enjoy this tour a lot. We keep it interesting without overwhelming you with facts.
  • If you are interested in current and future real estate development you will be glad you came.
  • The tour begins at the Georgia State Capitol and ends at Krog Street Market.
  • The entire route is about six miles. You can participate in all or part of the tour. See itinerary for possible entry / exit points (e).
  • There will be a 45-minute lunch stop
  • Minimum age is 15
  • Not pet friendly due to high traffic areas
  • Members, FREE | Non-members, $25/person
  • Tickets are non-refundable but you may self-cancel at anytime and apply your entire registration fee to a future tour.
  • Click here for interactive route map of this tour


  • 11:45, Meet at at the Georgia Capitol (m)
  • 12:00, Tour begins
  • 1:00, King Memorial MARTA station (e) [2.0 miles]
  • 1:15, Lunch stop at Your Pie (e) [2.5 miles]
  • 2:00, Tour resumes
  • 2:15, Historic Oakland Cemetery (e) [3.0 miles]
  • 2:45, Cabbagetown Park [4.0 miles]
  • 3:30, Krog Street Market (e) [6.0 miles]
  • Inman Park MARTA station is 8/10 mile from Krog Street Market
(m) Meeting location is this monument at the corner of MLK Jr Drive & Washington Street
(e) indicates possible exit or entry point on the tour route


  • Georgia State Capitol
  • Central Presbyterian Church
  • Liberty Plaza
  • Capital Gateway Park
  • Memorial Drive Greenway**
  • Rawson-Washington Park
  • Hill Street Tunnel
  • King Memorial MARTA station
  • Transit-Oriented Development (several large projects)
  • Grant Street Tunnel
  • Historic Oakland Cemetery
  • Carroll Street / Cabbagetown
  • Wall Murals / Cabbagetown
  • Cabbagetown Park
  • Atlanta Beltline Eastside Trail Southern Extension
  • Krog Tunnel
  • Krog Street Market


This final conceptual plan, which was presented to the public on February 28th, is combination of the initial concept plans and the feedback received from you. This plan:

  • envisions a continuous park experience with lots of trees, seating, shade, water, and paths.
  • prioritizes pedestrians on streets near Historic Oakland Cemetery to create space for festival tents and markets.
  • presumes that a planned affordable housing development could be relocated to a nearby location through a land swap agreement with the city or the state.
  • envisions a full cap over the I-85/75 Connector to create a large park space connecting the Capitol building to the rest of the park.
  • creates a variety of destinations in the park, including an arboretum, a day chapel, fountains, paths, cafés, gardens, and small restaurants.
  • connects over Hill Street using an ADA-accessible pedestrian bridge to increase safety and offer views of downtown.

This conceptual plan is a tool that can be used to fund raise and advocate for what would be a visionary step forward for the surrounding neighborhoods and a source of pride for the City and State!

** We will stop at the various nodes illustrated on the map to take in the built environment and discuss the proposed plans for each node. Tour route and times are subject to change. You may join us for any and all portions of the tour.