West Atlanta Real Estate Tour

  • August 26, 2017
  • 9:00 AM - 2:00 PM
  • Meeting location sent to those who register
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  • Registration fee is per person. Individuals from the same household may register together. Individuals from separate households must register separately.

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About These Tours

ExploreATL Real Estate Tours focus on residential real estate in the 45 neighborhoods that makeup the Atlanta Beltline Planning Area. These tours are offered for individuals and families who are actively looking to purchase residential property as a primary residence or long-term investment. They are not suitable for those interested in flipping houses.

The tours typically last three hours and are limited to 12 people (see vehicle photos). They are led  by a professional team that consists of a driver, a Realtor and a tour guide. Our goal is to provide our guests with the information they need to make informed decisions. Coffee and pastries are provided before the tour and lunch is provided after the tour.

About This Tour

The focus of this particular tour are the neighborhoods that surround the Westside Trail, which is scheduled to open in September 2017. Those include Adair Park, Ashview Heights, Hunter Hills, Just Us, Mozley Park, Oakland City, West End and Westview.

What You Will See & Learn

You will receive an package that contains information about the neighborhoods and relevant real estate information. In addition, you will learn about...

  • Real estate market conditions in each neighborhood.
  • We will stop along the way so you can get out and walk around. This will give you a better feel for the neighborhoods.

  • History of Atlanta's belt lines and the neighborhoods that were settled along them.
  • What you should know about the Atlanta Beltline Project Master Planning Process (land use, mobility, etc.)
  • What you should know about the Atlanta Beltline Strategic Implementation Plan (timing of trail, transit and parks)
  • What you should know about the structural trends that are affecting the supply of and demand for single-family homes in Atlanta today.
  • What you should know about current and proposed development along the Beltline corridor.

Itinerary & Logistics

  • 09:00, Guests arrive at the meeting location*, which is an urban coffee house near the Atlanta Beltline. Coffee and pastries will be provided.
  • 09:15, Pre-tour briefing & orientation (review route map and logistics)
  • 09:45, Board van
  • 10:00, Tour begins
  • 12:45, Tour ends at same coffee house where we began
  • 13:00, Optional lunch at restaurant near the Atlanta Beltline. Lunch is also provided.
* Meeting location will be sent to those who register for the tour.

Your Tour Guides

Private Tours Also Available

If you would prefer to go on a private tour, please send us an email and let us know what you have in mind. Thank you.

Upcoming Real Estate Tours*

  • Subarea 1: Abernathy / Cascade
  • Subarea 2: Heritage Communities of South Atlanta
  • Subarea 3: Boulevard Crossing
  • Subarea 4: Memorial / Glenwood
  • Subarea 5: Freedom Parkway
  • Subarea 6: Monroe / Piedmont
  • Subarea 7: Northside / Peachtree-Piedmont
  • Subarea 8: Upper Westside-Northside
  • Subarea 9: Bankhead / Westside Reservoir Park
  • Subarea 10: Boone / Hollowell
  • Decatur
  • East Atlanta
  • Emory / Toco Hills
  • Downtown
  • Midtown

* Real estate professionals interested in doing tours in partnership with Urban Explorers of Atlanta should contact Steve Saenz via email. Thank you.