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Culinary Events

    • September 18, 2018
    • 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM
    • Vanuni Napoli, 1540 Monroe Drive, NE Atlanta, GA, 30324

    If you like to explore and eat really good pizza, this unique tour is for you! We combined the highlights of our Eastside Trail Walking Tour with the best pizza in Atlanta to provide you with a fun, informative and delicious experience. Here's what you can expect...

    • First, you will get to eat at three of the top (artisan) pizzarias in Atlanta!
    • You will get an insider's look at the Atlanta Betline, an exciting rails-to-trails project that is transforming the City of Atlanta on many levels.
    • We can't promise that you will burn off all of the calories but you will get some exercise as we walk about 3 miles miles at a leisurely pace.
    • You will meet some fun and interesting people.
    • You will experience a beautiful sunset.
    Please Note: Due to the nature of this tour (you will share pizzas with several people) we are unable to accommodate dietary restrictions. 
    • Our first pizza stop is Varuni Napoli Midtown, which makes what Zaggats calls “real deal” Neapolitan pizzas fired in wood-burning ovens.
    • After we leave Varuni Napoli,  we will head south along the SAtlanta Beltline Eastside Trail, which hugs the eastern boundary of the Piedmont Park.
    • During this part of the tour, you will be walking on the oldest of four "belt lines" (railroad tracks) that were built around the City of Atlanta between 1871 and 1908.
    • The interim hiking trail turns into the Eastside Trail where the Beltline corridor crosses Monroe Street.
    • Our second pizza stop is Brezza Cucina & Pizzeria, a stunning reataurant that is located in Ponce City Market.
    • We could spend all day in PCM but we have places to go and pizza to eat! While we are there you will learn about the fascinating history of this former Sears Roebuck & Co. distribution center and the surrounding area.
    • After Brezza we will walk off some more calories as we continue southward past Historic Fourth Ward Park. You will learn how this amazing Beltline project transformed acres of asphalt into an award-winning park.
    • After a 2-mile walk on the Eastside Trail we arrive at our third and final pizzaria which is Fritti. This gorgeous restaurant is in the heart of Historic Inman Park's business district.
    • Eating on Fritti's patio, which features a giant red umbrella, is al fresco dining at its best. 
    At this point, you will have several options...
    • Walk back to Varuni Napoli (2 1/2 miles) or your final destination.
    • Take a ride sharing service back to Varuni Napoli or your final destination.


    • Your registration fee includes the guided tour and at least six slices of pizza (2 different pies at each restaurant. It also includes tax and gratuity on your food.
    • Beverages are not included so you can order whatever you want to drink at each restaurant.
    • If you would like to save some money please consider joining Urban Explorers.


    Steve Saenz is the founder of Urban Explorers of Atlanta and ExploreATL Tours. 

    • September 23, 2018
    • 4:00 PM - 7:00 PM
    • Olmsted Linear Park (exact location TBA)

    This event is being posted as a service for friends and members of UXATL and to support founding member, Sandy Kruger, who has supported our club in many ways over the years. Please attend if you can and bring some friends. Register online first and then RSVP on this event listing to let other UXATL member know you are coming. Non-member guests are welcome. Thank you.


    On September 23, OLPA and DHCA team up once again for the 2nd Annual Picnic in the Park!  There will be food, music and fun family games. So, mark your calendars - you do not want to miss this event.

    • September 29, 2018
    • 3:00 PM
    • Monday Night Garage


    We will be hosting a Meet & Greet + Fundraiser at the Monday Night Garage on Saturday, Sept 29. There will be an optional walking tour before the Meet & Greet that will focus on transit-oriented development in the area.

    Details will be posted here soon.

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