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Year: 2018

1January, 2018
Jan 01 TOUR: Terminus Trek
Jan 06 TOUR: West ATL / Proctor Creek
Jan 10 Mix & Mingle @ Torched Hop Brewing
Jan 11 CS: Civil Conversations
Jan 14 Cafe 458 (rescheduled)
Jan 20 Mercedes Benz Stadium Private Tour
Jan 20 Downtown Atlanta Walking Tour
Jan 25 Meet & Greet @ Joystick Gamebar (YP)
Jan 27 State Capitol to Krog Street Walking Tour
Feb 03 Downtown Atlanta Bike Tour
Feb 17 Southside Trail Driving Tour
Feb 18 Grant Park + Peoplestown + Summerhill Walking Tour & Picnic
Mar 01 Cyclorama, Behind-the-Scenes Tour
Mar 02 Tab Benoit @ City Winery
Mar 03 Glenwood Park + Grant Park + Ormewood Park + EAV Walking Tour
Mar 04 Grant Park + Peoplestown + Summerhill Bike Tour
Mar 09 Hardee's Night March Bike Ride [RECON]
Mar 10 West ATL / Proctor Creek Driving Tour
Mar 11 Atlanta United Home Opener
Mar 15 Sunset Meet & Greet on Eastside Trail
Mar 16 Cyclorama, Behind-the-Scenes Tour
Mar 23 Historic Inman Park Walking Tour
Mar 24 Cyclorama, Behind-the-Scenes Tour
Mar 30 Last Day to Join
Mar 31 Battle of ATL Walking Tour, EAST
Apr 01 Reynoldstown + Edgewood + Kirkwood Walking Tour
Apr 13 Historic Inman Park Walking Tour
Apr 14 Historic Inman Park Walking Tour
Apr 19 Mother's Finest @ Eddie's Attic
Apr 27 Inman Park Home Tour
May 02 Recon Mission for Southside Trail Bike Tour
May 03 Private Real Estate Tour
May 04 Inman Park Walking Tour & Lunch
May 05 Battle of ATL Walking Tour, WEST
May 06 Southside Trail Bike Tour
May 11 Freedom Park Walking Tour & Picnic
May 13 Kirkwood Village to East Decatur Station Walking Tour
May 16 Private Speaking Engagement
May 19 Midtown Condo Real Estate Tour
May 20 Proctor Creek Bike Ride
May 25 Olmsted Park EAST Nature Hike & Picnic
May 27 Explore Decatur Walking Tour
Jun 01 Piedmont Park Nature Hike & Picnic
Jun 03 West Midtown Real Estate Tour
Jun 07 Private Speaking Engagement
Jun 08 Grant Park Nature Hike & Lunch
Jun 09 Private Tour
Jun 10 Cabbagetown / Reynoldstown / Edgewood / Kirkwood Real Estate Tour
Jun 12 Envisioning the Eastside Trail Daytime Tour, Part I
Jun 14 Envisioning the Eastside Trail Sunset Tour, Part I
Jun 21 Private Tour
Jun 22 Tanyard Creek Nature Hike & Lunch at R Thomas Grill
Jun 23 Affordable Housing Workshop
Jun 24 Exploring Proctor Creek Bike Tour
Jun 26 Envisioning the Eastside Trail Daytime Tour, Part II
Jun 30 Baby Driver Filming Locations Tour 2.0
Jul 01 Interior Urbanism: Exploring John Portman’s Hotel Atriums, Office Complexes & Sky Bridges
Jul 03 Envisioning the Eastside Trail Sunset Tour, Part II
Jul 05 Meet & Greet @ City Winery
Jul 06 Olmsted Park WEST Nature Hike & Picnic
Jul 08 Battle of ATL Walking Tour, WEST
Jul 10 Private Speaking Engagement
Jul 10 Beltline Rail Now: More MARTA Alternative
Jul 12 Private Tour
Jul 12 Bastille Day @ Atmosphere
Jul 14 Saturday Soiree: Summer Potluck
Jul 15 Atlanta United vs Seattle + World Cup Final Viewing Party
Jul 18 MD: Downtown
Jul 18 More MARTA: Understanding Atlanta's Transit Future
Jul 19 Private Tour
Jul 20 TGIF: Treehouse Pub
Jul 21 Burgers & Bungalows: Grant Park + Ormewood Park + Peoplestown
Jul 21 Affordable Housing Workshop
Jul 22 Battle of ATL Walking Tour, EAST
Jul 27 Michael McDonald @ Atlanta Botanical Garden
Jul 29 Burgers & Bungalows: Ansley Park + Piedmont Heights + Sherwood Forest
Aug 02 Envisioning the Eastside Trail Sunset Tour, Part I
Aug 03 Taz Niederauer @ Terminal West
Aug 05 Biking Adventure: Morningside / Emory / Decatur Bike Ride
Aug 07 Envisioning the Eastside Trail Sunset Tour, Part II
Aug 10 The Alarm @ City Winery
Aug 11 Lofty Living: Downtown + Castleberry Hill Real Estate Tour
Aug 16 Special Tour for Real Estate Professionals
Aug 19 Burgers & Bungalows: Old Fourth Ward
Aug 22 Private Speaking Engagement
Aug 23 Private Speaking Engagement
Sep 02 Biking Adventure: Decatur-Avondale-East Lake Loop
Sep 08 Burgers & Bungalows: Collier Hills + Garden Hills + Peachtree Hills
Sep 15 Nature Hike: Sweetwater Creek State Park
Sep 18 Sunset PIZZA Tour
Sep 22 Atlanta United vs Salt Lake City
Sep 23 Olmsted Park Annual Picnic
Sep 29 Meet & Greet @ Monday Night Garage
Oct 08 Ana Popovic @ City Winery
Oct 13 Burgers & Bungalows: Adair Park + Capitol View + Pittsburgh + West End + West View
Oct 20 Capturing the Spirit of Oakland Halloween
Oct 21 Atlanta United vs Chicago Fire