2018 Event Program

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On December 11, 2017, Urban Explorers of Atlanta celebrated its third anniversary. Starting a new business is always exciting but this one has been extra special for me. In addition to serving as my encore career, Urban Explorers of Atlanta has allowed me to fulfill three of my lifelong passions -- EXPLORING, LEARNING and TEACHING. It has also allowed me to meet some extraordinary people. I am humbled by the caliber of individuals who find their way to our club. When I formulated my vision for UXATL in December 2014, I hoped we could use this club to make a difference in the community. To have a greater impact than I could have on my own. From Day One, the club's mission has been to Have fun and make a difference. If you look through these photos from our 300+ events, you can see that we have definitely fulfilled the first part of our mission. We have done a decent job with the second part but I know we can do better. And we will.


Our new event program seeks to achieve three main goals:

  1. Maintain continuity by building on our most popular events.
  2. Enhance the experience for those who attend. We will do that getting more creative. Our events will also be more more educational in 2018. You will see an emphasis on hyper-locality, especially when it comes to our tours.
  3. Create more friendships. We have over 300 extraordinary members in this club. I want you to get to know more of them and vice versa. In 2018, making friends at our events will be easier. And more fun!


  • You can now VIEW and, in most cases, CANCEL your own event registrations. Click here to learn how. You can also see how many events you have attended, cancelled, etc.
  • Our event calendars have been completely re-designed. Events are now color-coded and contain a prefix in the title to help you distinguish between event types.
  • Effective 1/1/18, events will be visible based on your access level. Most events will only be visible to members.
  • We have several new calendar pages that allow you to further refine your search when looking for events: Arts & Culture (AC) + Civic Engagement (CE) + Community Service (CS) + Culinary Adventures (MD / SS / TGIF) + Tours (TOUR) + Travel Adventures (TRAVEL).
  • Magellan Club (MC) and Young Professional (YP) members now have their own calendars.
  • Last, you can now access Monthly and Annual views.



Several months ago, I was inspired by Krista Tippett to form the Atlanta Civil Conversations Project. To help us get that off the ground, I have arranged to have her speak to our members via video conference on Jan 11. In 2018, you can expect to hear and be part of better conversations at all of our events. Our new Facebook group is open to members and non-members.

Please take part in the conversation with Krista Tippett on Jan 11


Since the club was formed in December 2014, I have personally led hundreds of tours throughout Atlanta. Most of these were walking tours, which is really the best way see and learn about a city. In 2018, I plan to take what I have learned to deliver a dynamic tour program that is FUN and EDUCATIONAL. Specific tours will begin to appear on our Tour Calendar by 12/31/17. Our primary tours will include:

I will also be offering private tours and consulting services for those who need / want more more hands-on guidance.

REMINDER: The last day to join as an Epicurean or Magellan Club member is 12/31/17. If you would like to become a member and attend our culinary events PLEASE JOIN as soon as possible.


Saturday Soirees

  • Monthly pot luck dinners hosted by members
  • Open to Epicurean and Magellan Club members
  • Saturday Soiree titles begin with prefix "SS"
  • 25 - 30 guests; a few much larger (Irish Madness, Grillin N Chillin)
  • Each is designed around a theme (Mama Mia, Turning Japanese, Gore Galore, etc.)
  • You can view all 12 soirees on the new Culinary Adventures calendar
  • Hosting member(s) may register at anytime (like now)
  • Ambassadors and Support Team may register 35 days out; all others 28 days

Mystery Dinners

  • Monthly culinary adventures that are EASY and FUN
  • Open to Epicurean and Magellan Club members
  • Mystery Dinner titles begin with prefix "MD"
  • Kind of like a progressive dinner; three different restaurants (cocktails > dinner > dessert)
  • Each month we visit a different part of town; we choose locations where we can walk to all three restaurants
  • They are a "mystery" in that you won't know who's going or which restaurants we are going to until you get there. The meeting location is sent out the day before.
  • 15 - 20 guests typically (may split into two groups for dinner stop)
  • Ambassadors may register 35 days out; all other guests 28 days

TGIF Lunches

  • Monthly lunches on Friday
  • Open to Epicurean and Magellan Club members
  • TGIF Lunch titles begin with prefix "TGIF"
  • Reservations typically made for 1:00PM to avoid prime lunch hour
  • Casual yet upscale restaurants (see below)
  • We visit a different part of town each month
  • 8 -10 guests; expect this to increase to 12 - 16 in 2018

Magellan Club

The Magellan Club membership was created for those who seek exclusive experiences. Ferdinand's surname was chosen because we envisioned this to be the TRAVEL group within Urban Explorers of Atlanta. Our first expedition will take place in April 2018 when we set sail, literally and figuratively, for the Crescent City to experience the Tall Ships & Tricentennial celebrations. Later in the year, we have a Hudson River Art Trail expedition and Asheville Autumn Escape on the calendar.

As you may have read, the last day to join as a NEW Magellan Club member is 12/31/17. After that, the only way to access the Magellan Club will be to upgrade from another membership level. Once we reach 100 Magellan Club members we will be closing this membership level all together. So, if you would like to be part of this unique group please join as soon as possible. If you have questions about this or anything else, you can book a phone appointment.


  • Monthly events that are open to Magellan Club members only
  • These will be a combination of Arts & Culture, Culinary and Travel
  • We will offer at least (3) Travel Adventures in 2018
  • Magellan Club members have events calendar that displays MC-only events. This calendar will only be visible to MC members after 12/31/17.
  • Magellan Club members also have their own discussion forum
  • Magellan Club-only event titles begin with one of two prefixes: "MC" or "TRAVEL"


Thank you for your interest in Urban Explorers of Atlanta,

Steve Saenz, Founder & Tour Guide
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